Save thousands with a foodservice equipment preventative maintenance and breakdown package to suit your business

With a busy catering business, the last thing you want is for one of your fryers or ovens to fail. But it does happen, and it can really hurt your profits.

It’s not just the loss of food sales. If your equipment is out of warranty, then the cost of engineers, parts and labour soon adds up too.

With a tailored foodservice equipment preventative maintenance programme from Servequip Assistance, you don’t have to worry about any of that.

We’ll take care of your equipment – and you can save thousands of pounds by reducing downtime, increasing productivity and aligning your business with current legislation requirements.

Sister company Jestic takes full control of Servequip

The Kent-based company, which distributes brands such as Josper, Wood Stone, Henny Penny and Vitamix, said the acquisition would “fast track” it into a full supply and service company.

The deal gives Jestic access to more than 30 service engineers specialising in catering maintenance.

Steve Loughton, managing director of Jestic, said: “The acquisition of ServEquip Assistance is a fantastic move which takes Jestic to the next level. By merging the expertise of the ServEquip staff in service and parts, with the logistics and customer service skills of the in-house Jestic team, we can now offer clients a seamless solution throughout the order process and beyond.”

He added that with industry confidence growing, the investment would satisfy the needs of customers that are demanding to know exactly what kind of support they are getting from their critical equipment suppliers.